Saturday, November 18, 2017

Oil Study...Drinking from the river of delights

The river took my good buddy Kavin back in '79 and for that I'll never forgive her...but she is beautiful and she is strong. No one would argue that. I tried to drink from her soothing aqua-brown delight in the winter of the same year. There was a little bubbling rill meandering bright and inviting the very middle of an ice clogged channel. When I was within 6 or seven feet the ice broke out from under me and I went down...tiptoes on a sand bar, current pushing my neck and chest up to the ice edge. Well, by all rights I should be in a pine box sleepin' away eternity, or better yet, under the mud down in the delta somewhere waiting for one of Katrina's friends to wake me. Seems the King of the river had different of them was to make these here pictures....suave colors and  pleasing and unpretentious compositions.

Friday, November 17, 2017

A BIG ONE & a little one...thanksgiving treat

The top pic is a 24x36 canvas. Again, a moderating monsoon was the inspiration. The Second painting is a study done to work out some color ideas. Both are available direct from the studio.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Here's a new, large canvas.  I'm still a bit fired up about our great yet so-quickly-passed monsoon season.  Southwest mountains and skies never get old.  Be sure to check out my links to ebay sale page to see more of these snazzy creations....'been doing a lot of smaller study sized painting lately but stay tuned, more large canvases like this one are on the way.