Wednesday, May 25, 2011

North Woods 24x30

I continue to let masterpieces go out the studio door at an alarming rate and at heretofore unheard of prices. Yes, I know, it makes my head spin and my stomach turn. But paint I must and to that end I spend my days. What, do you think I want a house full of my own paintings? In more than one way I'm a lot like my estranged uncle Bob D. who just turned 70. He has said that he never listens to his own records. Well, I'm basically the same when it comes to my art. I just have to get it out of my system. When a painting is complete I can breathe easy...and go on to the next mystery muse that strikes my fancy. Enjoy this scene of the north woods shore line. It won't be around long.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Awert 24x30

I hardly ever listen to presidential speeches or other politicos anymore...not too interested in getting worked up over things out of my control. I must say though that I did hear the prime minister of Israel today. He put a serious schooling on our president regarding history, the Palestinians and the middle east vs. the Jews...pretty amazing and quite a contrast between someone who really has experience and the US president's recent opinions. This was a very rare international spanking for a sitting US president. Interesting though how the media spin has it that he was agreeing with our president. What I would like to know, why don't they consult with those of us who are experts at the things we glean from media soundbites? While we're on the subject of armchair quarterbacks, why didn't they ask me if Bret Favre should play another season? Always out of the loop, stuck in the studio breathing fumes...the story of my life.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Stranded Art

So, left to my own designs I come up with things like the picture above. I was stranded at a Super 8 motel, car broke down and the summer swelter was like a hot tamale sizzlin' on the blacktop at noon on the road to perdition. (actually I was in Lordsburg, NM) I was/would have been a prime candidate for an alien abduction. Instead, I spent my time meditating on the vast implications of how a (now proven) finite time line (2nd law of thermodynamics, entropy, cooling of space etc.) influence bio-genesis (or not, as the case may be) Anyway, the theory of macro-evolution is scientifically way out there. It requires the suspension of disbelief that my profound ignorance just can't afford and eons of time that just don't exist in any hard-science / physics model. However, if you are a skeptic, the "new and richer understanding" of "maximum entropy production" leads one to believe in the spontaneous production of order from disorder as an expected consequence of basic laws. That to me is a much bigger stretch than to believe the guy at the garage who needed two days to replace one bad tire was from a parallel universe. If they were coming to get me (aliens...I was only 200 miles from area 51 at the time) then I would be ready. The other pictures (paintings) are from when I am not left to my own designs, in the safe confines of the studio. These are for sale this week on auction...see link top right of blog page to bid.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eli in his father's footsteps Happy mother's day!

Super heroes take on various shapes. Here in our house, well, you can see what we look up to. Eli (author of the smoking penguin) came up with this. Does he model his heroes after his dad? You be the judge.
I'd offer this for sale but it was made on the back of an envelope...and I've not done any self portraits lately. This is as close as I've come to owning biographical art.