Monday, April 7, 2014

Ok, well, I'm over the fighting cocks. On to my next hobby.  A birthday bash at the house was the forum and format for this little video...wish you could've been here.  Of our own kids Marissa and Eli played along with me; an assortment of friends joined in the merry musical melee as well. The next fiesta is scheduled for May. Marissa graduates from college with a GPA that would make any parent proud. Too bad I'm not in to pride and all that 'cause I sure would have a reason to brag on this kid. But I refuse to indulge myself on this point. In fact I won't even mention nothin' about 4.0's or anything like that.
Marissa is on a Yamaha keyboard, Eli plays the "fat tele" telecaster and I'm playing the "cherry picker" (Epiphone es-335) in the video below. The paintings pictured were made during birthday week at our house. Eddie, Eli and I all have birthdays at the end of March.