Sunday, March 8, 2015

Homeward Boys 12x18, Rest On The Shore 6x24, Move smartly 'Cross The Sky 18x12

The big duck left the roost about a week ago.  The attempt at a cross-bred / hybrid between the chickens and the duck did not meet with success, however hard the duck tried to believe he was a rooster. In reality, no one here thought it would work but we let the old Rouen think he was the cock of the walk until it appeared he might hurt the white leghorns and little bantam hen. Plus, he could do little to rally the cluckers when needed if an old sly fox tried to raid the free-rangers in the late afternoon.  The subtle buzzing sound of the drake's "quack" is nothing like the call to flee that a savvy rooster can produce to get his hens to hide from marauders. The paintings above were made while listening to the sounds of egg making right outside the studio door.  Organic, free-range,  pesticide and gluten-free art at its finest can be found here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Entering  the studio after an absence is like opening a new bag of Lays potato chips. There must be an aphorism somewhere out there that aptly describes this...or maybe a euphorism.  Anyway, as the first nano-second of breath comes in contact with the appropriate receptors there is a euphoric rush of gladness and glorious possibilities; the future looks bright. Isn't that how you feel when you open a bag of chips? Well, if it is you understand my feelings when I  walk in to the shop and the first wave of oil fumes slaps me square.  That's what happened prior to making these two little beauties. They are available for consumption here.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

James Rockford, Captain Kirk, Bob Dylan & Frank Sinatra

I just like the cut of his jib, as they say.  James Rockford. Is there anyone else like Jim out there? Besides captain Kirk and Teddy Roosevelt I really can't think of anyone. Relatives don't count either so I won't mention my uncle Bob Dylan who, although his jib flies true and grabs the wind like none others', shouldn't be added to the list just so's I won't be accused of nepotimistic leanerings. Rockford is the truest antihero out there and if kids can't be forced to attend a citizenship ceremony in order to graduate high school or read the proverbs out of the Bible everyday or memorize Mr. Roosevelt's "The Strenuous Life" then they should at least have to watch a few episodes of the Rockford Files. This would prove a great help to slow the growing tsunami of fatherless males that will eventually and inevitably swell the ranks of stand-in-line-with-their-hand out type folks that...create video games and... vote.  These are just some of the thoughts that swim through the irrigation ditches of my mind while I paint this week...trying to figure out how to save America without using uncle Bob's new album of Frank Sinatra tunes.

Monday, January 26, 2015

A roaring rumbling ruckus disturbed my otherwise tranquil state of mental soul sleep. I was staring at the screen benumbed by game number 3,485 of solitaire at 4:45 pm.  Most of the time it's a false alarm. The chickens squawk, a dog barks and a piece of plywood, precariously perched, topples to the floor of the shop with a flutter, a clatter and a bang. Always ready (for that is the natural state of trained operatives like myself) I was on my feet in a flash-bang.  Ten steps in half a blink had me out the door and face to jowl with Mr. coyote who was, as always, looking for a free meal. The chickens (and one duck) had scampered and scattered and, to their credit being now *rooster-less, made it to the front of the hen house. I had left the birds under the watchful eye of guard dogs Billie and Trigger.  My holler, super-enhanced muscle memory speed and ejector-seat propulsion into their world (the world of chasing things) had them on their feet and joining in the chase. The brown fur-clad assailant fled, mouth empty, into the desert pursued by his domesticated and too slow canine counterparts. I counted my chickens, closed the coop and returned to the important work that awaited me at the desk. Thusly, a portion of this past weekend was squandered. O yeah, I did paint a bit too.  Check out new work here.

*Last rooster killed by coyote Oct. 2014 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday morning blues start off with these three new ones that just rolled off the brush this past week. Are you a football fan? Well, neither am I...anymore.  I told my little wifey that if she wanted to make some serious money last weekend she should bet against the teams I'm rooting for.  I guess I should have taken my own advice.  I am pretty much batting 1000 in recent years in my pitiful prognostications when it comes to the NFL playoffs.  Since 1998 I have sworn off allegiance to my childhood home team only to be sucked in to the vortex almost every season when the playoffs come around.  Thankfully I have my little easel, my old guitar and a few happy ducks and chickens to bring me back to the glad reality of the life of an artistical expeditionary. A couple of these are still available for sale or on auction here.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy Anyo Nuevo!

Three new paintings to cloud the horizon of your new year outlook.  January first woke up to three inches of snow here in Catalina. Carmen took a picture of the trash trailer outside the bedroom window.  It was the only picture taken of the beautiful snowy desert we had for a total of 16 hours.  All the friends south of the border in the snowless land thought is was magnificent. I thought it looked like, well, garbage covered with snow. Tonight we might dip below 20 degrees.  For the desert that's pretty cool. To keep the chill off, these three are available for purchase here.  Happy new year!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Three Blind Mice

These three paintings inspired and reminiscent of this past summer's journey through California and Oregon.
The painting of the Jay bird below (Phainopepla) is posted as an homage to the ridiculous movie I let myself be drug to this past week.  I'm thinking of making a spoof that will rival the Robertson's "Dynasty" show. We'll call it "Mockingduck Part I"  Marissa painted it last summer.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Elkhorn 24x8, Adequate 12x8, Backyard 12x8

Three little friends to brighten up your day.  The top painting titled Elkhorn is from a beautiful area along the Umpqua river near Elkton, Oregon. The other two were derived from inspirationious photos taken this summer in California and Arizona.  (One of these was from my fone camera!...( I say that in a whisper so the new hot-fallutin' Canon  doesn't get wind of it)  'Been working on a few commissions lately so there might be a small quantum-lapse in blogposts this month and next. Rest assured that there has been some rattlesnake wrangling and duck calling going on around here...just finding it difficult to kick-start the old iMac to put it all in writing.  These are available for sale on the bay.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Playfull Clouds...

It had been a long time. How long you ask? Well, I'll tell you. On a scale of one to ten it had been a very long time.  The truck, rumbling towards us, entering the intersection with no headlights became visible just in the nick of time.  I was making a left turn. When the last oncoming vehicle with headlamps burning cleared the way I floored it and started to crank the wheel. Here's where the futile, obsolete reflex kicked in as I jammed on the brakes. My ring-finger glinted in the flash-second it took the unconscious limb to reach for and grab for the ubiquitous headlight switch.You know, that common knob on the dash to the left of the steering wheel that you pull and push to activate your running lights and headlights? You know, the way you do to flash your lights on and off at another driver to let them know they're riding around in the dark without their lights on? Yeah, well it's probably been over thirty years since I last drove a car with a push-pull headlight switch. I might as well have kicked a hole through the floorboards trying to find the button to dim the high-beams for all the good it did me.(I have done that too) Now how does that even happen?  Why is that an automatic reflex after all this time?  And after how many hundreds of thousands of miles and how many thousands of on-off switchings in newer autos is this even possible? The day I answer that question is the day I paint my masterpiece. Till then, I will keep working at it.  These attempts are available for sale here.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Clouds on my horizon...

I'm happy to be sharing these pics with you as the monsoon season is spectacularly showing her good side around these parts...making for good inspiration and entertaining sky-gazing. Summer is coming to a close even here in the desert. The tails and trails of moisture-laden clouds spinning off both pacific hurricanes and northwest Alaska-spawned storms have been making their way into the old southwest and thus, onto my canvases. (via my new hot rod camera!) I'm gearing up for another video How-To series that will feature the ABC's of cloud making and maybe a mountain scene or two. Also, stay tuned for more info. on the painting I will be giving away around the holiday season.  Everyone who makes nice comments and shares my blog posts and video links will be made eligible.  (Let me know what subject matter would be good for the painting give-away)
PS. The coyote was captured by said "hot shot" camera about 100 yards from the house right as we were looking for Trigger the happy puppy with 4 inch legs.  They didn't catch her!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chicago Skyline and Little Birds

End of August's joyful jaunt to Minnesota found Carmen and I  recharging our chlorophyll powered batteries and filling our yearly quota of lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds, streams and puddles viewed. I think the desert was jealous. The tales of  "water, water everywhere" (and cold tap water) were a metaphorical  babbling brook of non-stop spring-flow that bubbled and poured with gushing praise every time I parted my erstwhile sun-dried and cracked lips in a mouth-watering description of the land of 10,000 reasons to thank God... for agua. It seems that my effusive bragging on the wonderful water-founts of the north country  was just too much for the dessicated dust dwellers to stomach. They ordered a full load of H2o just to shut me up.   Almost four inches of rain gully-washed down on us here in Catalina this past Tuesday. (That is a million-year record) The usually dry creek bed that borders our little burnt piece of real estate flowed with a wild rage that effectively cut us off from civilization for ...a few hours anyway, and gave us the riverfront property I've always wished for.  It was / has been beautiful and the vengeful actions of those who ordered the rain just to spite me turned into a lush and verdant blessing of thirst quenching solace for the raisin people of the southwest. I tend to see the glass as half full as you can tell.  The birds pictured here (if you got the e-mail notification you might have to open the blogspot link to view images) were painted by Marissa. They are small ACEO paintings but they are clever and colorful and should be collectable. The Chi-town skyline was an new inspiration...gonna be messing with some cityscapes in the future so be prepared...and feel free to make requests or send photos of your favorite town. I don't have a lot of pics of cities.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Three new little paintings inspired by a multitude of car breakdowns in California.  Well, actually it wasn't so much a multitude of breakdowns as it was a variety of mechanics that were needed to fix a series of problems that set the stage for our summertime fun along the wild west bank of America.  Great views (and pics) of the coast and a good time with the kids and old friends were highlights.  Lots of disturbing evidence of gangland anarchy in the golden state was the tarnished and  nasty reminder that we were a long way from "the old pueblo" (Tucson... where men sport bolo ties and six shooters... just for fun) Available on-line for your listening pleasure here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ere The wind Blows Heavy 12x12, The Tree Within 20x16

I feel like the old Amish who purposefully created a defect in an otherwise perfect piece of hand made furniture. The thought is that nothing is perfect but God Himself.  So, after over 3500 transactions on eBay  the past 11 years there is a flaw in my feedback.  Not that I was aiming at perfection, it's just that I have grown accustomed to great art patrons that really make up for some of the greatest customers a business could ever hope for. Alas, I am  learning to embrace the negative along with the good ; Keeps one humble and ...makes for a reason to break my summer slump of almost no blog activity. The "new" paintings I offer for auction on ebay are definitely new...and fresh. Turns out someone didn't like the fact that the paint smelled fresh. Well, I was duly reprimanded, my proffers for peace, rebuffed and my erstwhile perceived-to-be-good name dragged through the mud, besmirched and defamed all at the same time with the anonymous pen wielded by the faceless stranger.  Easy to do I guess in this techno-age.  Anyway, here are some very new and freshly painted little wall treats. They are available on auction here

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Three Moons to the Wind

Which one of these is not like the other? My question for the weekend. Moons are happening here as well large paintings. The big ones are made on black gessoed canvas.  The dark surface is real fun to approach and a bit less intimidating than the stark white of normal gesso.  Look for sales on framed 8x10's  coming up. Enjoy these for sale here.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fire Starter 28x24, "Here Kitty" 7x5

I had a picture of my new guitar to post here but I thought it was too vain. Cool but vain.  So, the cat made the cut instead. Marissa and I worked on this together.  Basically I just threw away the little fine-toothed combs she was fiddling (painting) with, slathered some oil paint on the palette, loaded up a big old one-inch brush and finished it off.  The painting above is title "Fire Starter"...on sale this week here. The kitten might be made available on etsy coming up.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fresh from the sea! Two of these pictures were caught off the leeward side of the Catalina mountains.  The bottom picture is a group shot of a tasty pile of corbina that were caught off the northernmost reaches of the sea of Cortez.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Big Red Lightening Sunset 30x24, Guitars, Jinete y Caballo

After a week of high seas adventure neck-deep in the Sea of Cortez, this is what we came home to.  The boys and the band had just finished a little jam sesh on the front porch. See picture above. Missing were the "fat tele" telecaster guitar and the new blond MIJ 1980's Fender telecaster...also a couple of banjos and my favorite Washburn guitar.  I guess they weren't using those. Marissa got to ride a horse in her first home town of La Aduana, Sonora Mexico as well. That kind of rounded out a nice little Easter week in the old country.  We smuggled my in-laws back with us and almost crossed the border with no problema. Turns out that grandpa likes his oregano. It grows wild in southern Sonora and, well, since he enjoys making his famous seafood surprise when the family gets together it just makes sense to take along some special ingredients. No?  The wait was relatively short.  Sometimes the line at the border can be hours long.  We pulled up to the Mexico/American line of demarcation after getting the green light to give us our turn and the border agent promptly asks if we're all citizens.  With a "no" I hand her our passports and visa papers (for the smuggled in-laws) and notice the Rambo style survival knife strapped to her leg along with various gadgets meant for stopping, killing, maiming and ...cutting open boxes. She asked if I would open the back hatch on the mini van. I complied by pressing a button to release the lock. She moved around to the back of the vehicle. I watched her in the mirror. She opened the hatch. I saw, in slow motion,  a very large plastic jar filled with oregano come tumbling out onto the pavement in the cool shade of the late April international-smuggling-capital-of-the-world border crossing. The agent and her armored friends shared a quick smile, opened the lid, took a whiff and...returned the herbs to their place over the luggage. They wished us a good day and we drove on. Nothing like the time they caught me with a bunch of bullets, or the time they found the rifle I was smuggling into Mexico. Those stories are for another time.  Meanwhile, enjoy my new painting..."Big Red Lightening Sunset. It's available on auction this week on the 'bay.