Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Front Range 24x30 No Ducks 18x24 Where Clouds Are Born 18x24

Another happy trio of decorative wall coverings. Oh that they were more than that. Well, pictures were made for hanging just like outlaws and strips. Not much we can do about it but to enjoy 'em (the paintings, not the outlaws and flies) while we can. I've been making a lot of snow lately. We've been frolicking in it a good bit this winter and I've been able to get a nice variety of photos and ideas for wintry scenes...hope you like 'em. At our elevation we've received more rain than anything but the snow levels have crept down almost to the house here in Catalina a few times. The river (wash) is flowing too which makes for nice inspiration. See the link on this page for available paintings.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Four For The Show

For all the creative juices that flow and ebb so liberally around would think that I'd be able to come up with cool and inventive names for my paintings. Alas, as a sort of last resort/cop-out I have begun to let other people, namely my daughter, come up with clever, albeit girly, titles for my latest batch of landscape wonderlands. Clever as they might sound, they are definitely feminine in their aura...casting the whole work into an oblique light that hardly reflects the sentiments of their maker. For the time being, so be it! I hope you can enjoy these latest pieces (in spite of the titledge) I do struggle with the naming process...rarely do I ever experience anything even akin to writer's block when it comes to subjects to paint or...write about. But this naming of paintings really is a horse of another color. These four are available for auction this next week.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unending 24x18 Shining 24x18

These are being made available on auction this week. There is a link on the top right of this page that will lead you there...Maybe you came here from there and in that case you'll have no need to check out the auctions. In any case let me say that both of these are original oil paintings. The top one pictured is titled "Unending"...inspired by a scene not far from Pismo Beach, Calif. The lower one is a view from last week's excursion to Pine Top, AZ. Nine feet of fresh snow covered the mountain. The picture is from the forested area coming out of and down the hill a bit from Show Low.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Duck Hole 24x18 Skyburst 22x28

Well, I am over the Viking's loss and duck season has ended. I have been tempted to consider a waterfowling excursion into Mexico to extend the seasonal glory but I think I better sit tight and ride out the rest of the winter here. Anyway, for me, Mexico and vacations don't mix. Too many haunting and harrowing adventures south o'da border for me to so glibly clear away all those of memories enough to enjoy the pursuit of self-seeking pleasure slaves. I have had two invites lately to bask in the balmy and briny beach-glow at Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) It's just two or three hours south of here...and a million worlds away. I sense my responsibilities lie elsewhere at the present. Maybe, if we do go, it will be to spend time with my life-long pal Leona. He's the one whose son was gunned down last month by the mafia. The salmon bench pictured below was made by our deft and artistic teamwork. ...just one of hundreds of artifacts that we've built together. Both pictures above describe the scene on the way to our favorite and secret duck hole...Eddie says "don't forget to buy some owl shot next time you're going there"