Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Livestock as subjects. I like 'em. I would love to paint more of them...and fishes too.  Fish and sheep and cows are favorite shapes...oh, yeah, and birds too. All of these lightly sprinkled on lush landscapes is my idea of a happy season. We are in a happy season now...if we don't watch the news, talk politics or think about the driveway full of broken cars and the desktop piled high with Dr. bills. Happy season greeting to you and yours! Enjoy the new springtime pictures.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Buzzards On The Wing Remembering Prince

Does everyone from Minnesota have a Prince story?  I have two!  I will tell the first here.  It will be the first time this story is made public so listen carefully.

1979 or 1980. I'm not sure which.  My high school band mates and I were playing a low-keyed gig somewhere near Edina if memory banks serve their purpose. Around 10 o'clock  someone said something about going to a neighbor's house to meet a "real cool black guy who has a studio in his house...his name is Prince".  No one had ever heard of Prince but the prospect of blowing my harp in a real recording studio was  intriguing. I asked if Prince played the blues.  "No", they said, "he's into funk and disco".  To which I said "squaresville daddy-o, I don't dig that scene".  My buddies all left me to go hang out with Prince. For the rest of the night I was alone with my harmonicas and ...the blues.  They all had a great time.  Now, instead of what might have been I paint pictures like the ones above.  Look for the link to ebay and etsy sale pages here on the blog.  Click on the blog links if you're reading this via e-mail subscription. 
News: New prints soon to be made available.