Friday, April 22, 2016

Baja Mexico Workshop

OK, so you can see by the pictures that our group of painters did some excellent work.  I think, regardless of feedback, (which was glowingly positive by the way) their paintings speak for themselves.  Wouldn't you like to be able to paint like that?  All that is needed is for you to drop everything and attend our next workshop. I don't teach often but whenever I do I crank out masterpiece makers like there's no tomorrow (apparently?!?)  What do you think? Someday I might take all my secretly moiled-for nuggets of painterly wisdom, melt them down and pour them on the unsuspecting public.  I know it would be a bit irresponsible but what fun to fill the world with colorful delight. No? Until then I will plan short and sweet sequestered summits ...3 day workshops in clandestine locations throughout the world. We hope to return to Galeria Jill Logan in Todos Santos, Baja Sur, Mexico.  Jill was a great host and is a wonderful artist in her own right.  Check out her gallery here and a bunch of pics of the workshop on FB here.

PS. Carmen painted more than the canvas...made for a good smile on everyone's face