Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hawaii Workshop TBA, Silver Wing 36x24, Wander Thru 12x12

Remember the time I wrote about the toothpaste being replaced by the minty Ben Gay muscle relaxing (and tooth polishing) cream?  Well, my mother-in-law sought to one-up me the other day. Eddie and Don Chuy gobbled down their breakfast of beans and eggs with no problem.  They were cooked in a nice healthy layer of Palmolive dish soap! I walked by the table and grabbed a piece of scrambled egg, thought it tasted funny and told Carmen so. I breezed through the kitchen on the way to the studio to work on a masterpiece giving the huevos rancheros no second thought. Later Carmen told me she found that her mom, bless her 80-something heart, had confused the dish soap for canola oil.  I had an image floating around my head all day of Alfalfa trying to sing and bubbles coming out. Remember that? I checked to see if my father-in-law and son were foaming at the mouth. They were fine.

We have almost concreted the 3 day workshop in November in Hawaii. I will keep you posted here on the blog.  Teaching is fun, I like doing it and do not do it enough. That said, it is high time I was a little more forthcoming with all my secrets.  If all goes well, I will be making more opportunities available in the future to learn with me. Let me know if you'd be interested in learning how to paint clouds or vineyards etc. and we'll try to keep the ball rolling on this end.

New paintings are available here and here.  Write, text or call to find out more about upcoming workshops and classes.
520 331-9290

Monday, September 14, 2015

Three Blind Mice ...again 12x12's, Airport Security, Shotgun shells and bullets

Airport security. It's one of our favorite pastimes. Once, in my youth, I said something about my camera having explosive properties as it rode the little conveyor belt through the ex-ray machine. This was pre-TSA popularity, probably early 80's. The guard stopped the belt and made me repeat my comments. I had a momentary lapse of precise memory just then. He scowled, I shrunk. Lesson learned. Fast forward to last week. My son Edward, spitting image of Saddamic offspring everywhere south of Gibraltar, tosses backpack onto said, similar conveyor belt.  Unbeknownst to all the security guards and said "son" the pack contained a lethal dose of  20 gauge shotgun shells. No one said a word. My son is tall and swarthy...should be profiled. I, with similar backpack full of similar ammo, get searched on the Mesican/American border one fine day. Bullets were discover and all  H-E-double hockey sticks breaks loose. I am not tall, look like Bilbo Baggins and should not be profiled. These new small 12x12's are available for you to buy and are certified acceptable carry-on size and ex-ray proof...guaranteed to make it through even the tightest security checkpoints.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Green Grows The Branch That Bows Blue Shines The Moon in June...and sheep

Top picture is a commissioned painting; Sheep from the Spicy Lamb farm.  The second picture is the re-worked result of a recent studio project (previous post). The house has been full of legal and illegal immigrants lately so studio time has suffered.  I have, however, made time for a few of my favorite things which include dogs, birds, yard sales, motorcycles, gold and that order. I foist these upon you once again for your listening pleasure. (these paintings were made to be read out loud)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bare Handed Coyote Capture!!!!!

These two new paintings are quite large. The first one measures 40x58 inches and the second is a 30x24 inch canvas. As I completed the behemoth skyscape (top picture) the other day (yesterday?) primal pleas for help and a  primitive sounding skirmish caught my ear. Actually, it was more like the well-worn noise of  chickens tangling with a coyote. I lost two hens a week ago and have not let the girls roam too much lately. I have become hyper-attuned to their voicings. These were genuine fear/hide/we're being attacked squawks. I ran out the door without my gun.  Ten feet away was a mangy coyote, stopped dead in his tracks.  He looked and acted like a cartoon. I ran at him yelling and reaching out my hands. It took him a second or two to get his feet moving. Teddy Roosevelt wrote about a man that hunted wolves and coyotes with dogs.  When  they had one at bay he would lunge in and grab the animal by the lower jaw and subdue it.  That is what I was planning to do. The coyotes legs started spinning (like a cartoon) and finally his body caught up with him just in time to elude my bare knuckle brawling technique. Lucky for him. These paintings are available for sale here.