Monday, August 31, 2015

Anoka Bridge, Mississippi River Fish, Ford Pinto

 That big ol' nasty river had me in its grip again. I was at the confluence of the Rum and the Mississippi rivers earlier this month. The Champlin /Anoka bridge was within view.  My rust-encrusted 74 Ford Pinto rumbled across it everyday on the way to Anoka high.  Tim and I go way back.  He was my first fishing buddy.  The river was the eastern border of our neighborhood and off limits to all the grade-schoolers we knew. Apparently ours were the only enlightened parents in those early days or, they just knew there was no stopping us. The river consumed our every waking hour...still haunts my dreams. And Tim still lives nearby. He took me out for a little bass and walleye fishing the other day. The big brown temptress gurgles and bubbles and rolls and continues to call my name. I almost dove in right before the Coon rapids dam, never to be seen this side of glory again.  Well, the thought of getting the smartphone wet and not getting to take advantage of the snazzy rental car for the full week stopped my ears to the Siren's song. We did catch a lot of fish though and I got some great pics/ideas for future paintings. Thanks Tim Peterson and to the Mighty Miss.