Sunday, March 8, 2015

Homeward Boys 12x18, Rest On The Shore 6x24, Move smartly 'Cross The Sky 18x12

The big duck left the roost about a week ago.  The attempt at a cross-bred / hybrid between the chickens and the duck did not meet with success, however hard the duck tried to believe he was a rooster. In reality, no one here thought it would work but we let the old Rouen think he was the cock of the walk until it appeared he might hurt the white leghorns and little bantam hen. Plus, he could do little to rally the cluckers when needed if an old sly fox tried to raid the free-rangers in the late afternoon.  The subtle buzzing sound of the drake's "quack" is nothing like the call to flee that a savvy rooster can produce to get his hens to hide from marauders. The paintings above were made while listening to the sounds of egg making right outside the studio door.  Organic, free-range,  pesticide and gluten-free art at its finest can be found here.