Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Entering  the studio after an absence is like opening a new bag of Lays potato chips. There must be an aphorism somewhere out there that aptly describes this...or maybe a euphorism.  Anyway, as the first nano-second of breath comes in contact with the appropriate receptors there is a euphoric rush of gladness and glorious possibilities; the future looks bright. Isn't that how you feel when you open a bag of chips? Well, if it is you understand my feelings when I  walk in to the shop and the first wave of oil fumes slaps me square.  That's what happened prior to making these two little beauties. They are available for consumption here.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

James Rockford, Captain Kirk, Bob Dylan & Frank Sinatra

I just like the cut of his jib, as they say.  James Rockford. Is there anyone else like Jim out there? Besides captain Kirk and Teddy Roosevelt I really can't think of anyone. Relatives don't count either so I won't mention my uncle Bob Dylan who, although his jib flies true and grabs the wind like none others', shouldn't be added to the list just so's I won't be accused of nepotimistic leanerings. Rockford is the truest antihero out there and if kids can't be forced to attend a citizenship ceremony in order to graduate high school or read the proverbs out of the Bible everyday or memorize Mr. Roosevelt's "The Strenuous Life" then they should at least have to watch a few episodes of the Rockford Files. This would prove a great help to slow the growing tsunami of fatherless males that will eventually and inevitably swell the ranks of stand-in-line-with-their-hand out type folks that...create video games and... vote.  These are just some of the thoughts that swim through the irrigation ditches of my mind while I paint this week...trying to figure out how to save America without using uncle Bob's new album of Frank Sinatra tunes.