Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ere The wind Blows Heavy 12x12, The Tree Within 20x16

I feel like the old Amish who purposefully created a defect in an otherwise perfect piece of hand made furniture. The thought is that nothing is perfect but God Himself.  So, after over 3500 transactions on eBay  the past 11 years there is a flaw in my feedback.  Not that I was aiming at perfection, it's just that I have grown accustomed to great art patrons that really make up for some of the greatest customers a business could ever hope for. Alas, I am  learning to embrace the negative along with the good ; Keeps one humble and ...makes for a reason to break my summer slump of almost no blog activity. The "new" paintings I offer for auction on ebay are definitely new...and fresh. Turns out someone didn't like the fact that the paint smelled fresh. Well, I was duly reprimanded, my proffers for peace, rebuffed and my erstwhile perceived-to-be-good name dragged through the mud, besmirched and defamed all at the same time with the anonymous pen wielded by the faceless stranger.  Easy to do I guess in this techno-age.  Anyway, here are some very new and freshly painted little wall treats. They are available on auction here