Sunday, February 9, 2014

Paco y Carmen en mexico, Golden Rill 16x10

I've never done a self portrait. This is as close as I've got. We were in ol' Mexico a couple of weeks ago. I flew in an ultra light at 5000 ft. over my old stompin' grounds, took in a some opera at the Ortiz Tirado festival in Alamos and ...sat for a portrait with Carmen.  She looks a little like Julia Roberts in the picture but the artist deftly captured the essence of my throw-caution-to-the-wind aura if you ask me.  The titanium leg pictured above was tempted to sever the guy-wires that attached the wing to the lawn-mower-in-the-sky we were riding but I thought better of it when I realized the handle for the emergency chute was out of reach for both the pilot and me. We landed safely on a private landing strip and to my surprise were not immediately surrounded by AK-47's. So, another adventure to the hinterlands was pulled off and some more inspiration for paintings and portraits was gained.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sound of Surf, Through The Looking Glass 10x16

What's the deal with leaving the Ben Gay next to the toothbrush holder near the sink?  Didn't anyone realize how much like a tube of toothpaste that thing looks and weren't they aware that the minty aroma that hits your nose as you bring the brush to your mouth bares an uncanny resemblance to Colgate or Aquafresh? Well, I submit they did not. How else can it be explained?  To be fair, I might have been tipped-off by the extra soft and creamy consistency but as I recall, viscosity wasn't really on my mind last night as I prepared for beddy-bye time. So, now I know something not many people can claim to know; the taste of deep muscle relief cream and ...a new breath freshener that makes your tongue tingle with a delightful and mildly intoxicating sensation. Maybe I could paint with it too.