Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Scorpions, Spiders & Art

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have a guitar once owned by Roy Rogers and an original water color painting by Edgar Payne. I think that wraps up the list of stuff I own that once belonged to famous people. A scorpion (a large one) greeted me as I entered the shop two nights ago. I don't know why I was carrying a flashlight but I was. I was barefoot and almost stepped on him but since the episode with the parachuting spiders I've been a little leery of just traipsing into the studio at night with my mouth open. My first thought was that I should be wearing something on my feet. My second thought was; "Oh, there's my flip-flops, I'll just grab one and use it to smash the little death-tailed monster".. I did, he's in the trash ...next time I'll throw him to the chickens. Here's a couple more paintings that remind me of famous people and spiders and scorpions.