Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Elvis' Sun Glasses, I Miss You 18x24, Lake Glow 18x24

My friend Jack is a Hungarian, German actor/musician (famous in Europe). He has these cool shades that were given by Elvis to his body gaurds and band mates. This pair was found in Graceland shortly after his death (not long after I saw him in concert)  I can't quite remember the story on how Jack came to acquire  them but they were from one of the band members. They are gold and make you feel like a king...kind of like how I felt while making these latest two paintings available here for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Split Earth 10x8. Rolling By 20x16, Over The Grain 12x24

Three new ones. The 20x16 might go to the Colorado gallery...They're all available here for purchase consideration. I have been using the same old, chisel-on-stone (cuneiform) technique for years now, both for my studio uploads and landscape / sky photography. I think with the onset of monsoon season a new camera is in order...something that will take great sky shots.  I'm sure there will be a marked improvement in the work to come so stay tuned.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

As the storms move in so do the desert bugs. Apart from time in the studio my life is now occupied with keeping crawling creatures at bay. The left foot was attacked, is riddled with black ant bites.  The tiniest of critters these little mites climbed my leg as I watered the ducks the other day.  Sudden pain and swelling like you can't believe with a burning and itching sensation that i thought were only reserved for wasps and red ant stings coursed up and down my titanium-filled foot and calve.  I was wearing thin flip-flops that present their own problems.  There's a lot of thorns around here and I'm always having to fix a flat, as it were, by pulling out a barbed twig stuck to the sole and poking through to my tender underfoot. I shook off the rubber thongs and leaped and yelped and tried to rub the little blighters off as they stuck fast like chicle on hot tar. Today (three days later) the swelling is down but there are still red welts that itch from my big toe to above the ankle. All this helps me paint; the ducks, the thorns, the bites, the stings.  I highly recommend it.