Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Good Day 6x24

It's funny how just a little change like a unique sized canvas gets me excited about painting.  I'll need to do more of these to keep the juices flowing. Speaking of unique sizes, get a load of this giant egg.  How can a little yard hen put out such a monster? I have yet to crack it open to get at the secret contents but I'm guessing it has three yolks or maybe even an egg within an egg. I know it's not made of gold, already checked that, but the kids were talking about alchemy the other day. I'm still trying to figure out how to turn canvas into gold. I think that won't be discovered til after I'm dead.  Meanwhile, here's another little beauty straight from my heart for your listening pleasure.  It is for sale along with others on the

Monday, April 15, 2013

Meadowlark Song, Through The Glass 12x12's

I've been adding to the menagerie.  Our latest acquisition is Libby. She is a chocolate colored 6 year old jenny.  She is a sweet little burro and will ostensibly guard the other stock from marauding lions and coyotes.  The chicken coop will be moved into the corral and maybe a couple of Barbados sheep too if I ever get around to it.  You see, I have my priorities and now that I'm officially converting the swimming pool into an aquarium I need to get some fishies in there a.s.a.p.  All these critters help settle my weary soul and the solace I find in watching caged animals lets me concentrate on painting.  Actually, I let the chickens (and pigeons if they weren't all killed at the paw of said marauders) loose to forage around the yard...pretty much how I treat the kids.  Hey, they're healthy and not one has ever been lost to a hawk or bobcat. These new paintings along with a slew of others are available for sale here.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Spring...Snow!?!?

What's with the "travel" part in the blog title anyway? I am found most days chained to the easel in the little desert studio pining for scenes like the ones I paint. I suppose that's fitting and I did just get back from a short foray into old Mexico after all. Easter weekend saw us fighting off banditos and generally doing what we do south of the border...trying to stay out of trouble.  That isn't always easy you know. Here's the dealio on third-world travel;  People are friendly and the quaint and interesting aspects of a foreign land can be very entertaining and quite fun get into trouble.  Once you get in a jam all bets are off. A minor accident ends in an amputation, a seemingly insignificant run-in with the law lands you in jail or a short gun fight flattens your tires.  This is where my imagination travels when I'm not actually in a strange land...I speak from experience!  That said, most of the time we escape with our lives and lots more pictures for the easel.  That was the case this time. However, I cannot guarantee that will be the outcome next time. Here's a link to my latest paintings for sale.