Friday, January 25, 2013

Cute Little 12x12's

I've been making a bunch of smaller paintings lately. 12x12 inches to be precise.  They are cute, kind of like the cows pictured above. The cuteness of the cows reminds me of the dogs that frolic around me as I paint.  OK, so they don't actually frolic too much.  They lay there sleeping most of the time dreaming of food crumbs falling off the table (which they do way too often when not dreaming)  and waiting for me to grab the gun and to head out back to smote wild game...which I do on a regular basis.  Sunny is the newest member of the dog pack. She is a beautiful little black lab that came to me via a small miracle.  She is a highly trained bird dog with 5 generations of field champs in her pedigree...kind of like my other kids.
You can see these and a slew of other small paintings for sale here.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

River winds, Gold Rock 12x12's

I'm off to a good start.  Day two of my new year's resolution and I'm going strong. I have to say that last night I was tempted, almost gave in and faltered a bit. But teetering on the brink of epic failure I mustered all the self-control and obduracy my little craven heart could come up with and made it through.  It's just that at the end of a long day, my feet being shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace and either Merrel hikers or Red Wing high tops, the most natural thing is to kick them suckers off in the most speedy manner possible. That usually means not bending over to untie them.  I have determined, however, to not kick my shoes off like so much discarded waste at the end of the day and to treat them with the dignity they deserve.  Truth be told, it's not so much the shoes I'm so concerned with but rather the avoidance of the tedium involved with having to untie them in the morning before I put them on again.  I hate having to do that.  So, now you see the noble and lofty goals one can set for oneself when one puts his mind to something worthwhile. And you thought I was dieting. Ha!
These paintings are available on the bay...see link below.