Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wonder Dog II 24x30, Santa Cruz Flowing North, Birds by Marissa

The birds are 7x5 inch little beauties.  Marissa made these with very little coaching.  Pretty cool huh?  The river is one of my favorite places to watch ducks. And the clouds? Well, they are one of my favorite places to watch for the Lord Jesus, who, by the way, is said to be coming on them with great glory. So far, I've only seen Him with the eyes of my heart but He is still quite magnificent. I do get weary of the frightful evidences of sickness and sorrow and sin so I am looking forward to feasting them (my eyes) on His resplendence...hopefully soon. Meanwhile, I get a little glimpse by gazing at the sky.  Things that populate the sky; birds, trees (tall ones) and clouds. Things that populate my paintings; birds, trees, clouds and big ol' mountains.  Coincidence? (I left out fighter jets and army cobra helicopters on purpose)


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 paintings of very wet water

I had to keep my own feet to the fire since no one was here to remind me to post some new pictures on the blog. I wanted to put up some before/after photos of me and wifey Carmelita.  We just celebrated 24 euphorically intoxicating years of marital togetherness but since there's no real discernible difference between the us of then and the we of now I figured it was moot. In our stead, please enjoy the pictures that describe the youth of a thousand summers above...and your countries' 4th of July!