Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crow & Sparrow are not friends

A bird a day.  Can I do it?  I would like to.  I'll have to see how many feathers are in my hat. FYI, the studio is full of stuffed birds, bird wings and fine feathers of various makes and models.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rooster Steed 12x15

I think in another reality I would love to ride a giant rooster, mask over my eyes, a red scarf about my neck and silver spurs on my boots.  Wielding a Scythian sword I would fly to the rescue of every child and damsel in distress.  Unfortunately, it appears I'll just have to settle for this reality and ...paint flattering pictures of my favorite steeds .  I need to update the photo of this 'cause I worked a bit on it after I took the picture.  That's what happens when you leave a painting on the easel too long.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Charlie, Dusk, Charlotte's web

Picture Three: The web caught the last rays of a late spring eve inside the hen house. Charlotte spoke to me as I collected four brown eggs. The chickens ate her.  End of story. The moral is that pigs make better roommates than you might think.

Picture One: Charlie looked down on me while I slept.  He's my Mexican guardian angel when I stay at the in-laws (last's Carmen's grandfather). Eddie is my oldest boy (19). He's leaving next week to spend three months in Alaska to work the salmon season.  He is the chief frame maker in our little artistical enterprise here in the desert.  He will be missed but old Eli is planning on taking up the slack while his big brother is away.  Eddie plans to send dad lots of fish fillets...and hopes to inherit the photo of Charlie Chaplin, uh, I mean his great grandfather one day.

Picture Two: New painting titled "Dusk" It measures 12x18 inches, canvas mounted on board.  For sale on auction here.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Red Dreagon 15x12, Brighter 24x15

Overheard...."One of the great injustices of our times is how a tiny minority of people can claim to be offended by something and take the rights away from millions. This culture-choking perversion is the fruit of one of the great deceptions of our times—political correctness".

Monday, May 7, 2012

Two coachwhips (red racers) rescued from the swamp.  They're fast, aggressive, like to bight and chase you down but are otherwise harmless.  Birds, rats, gophers, a few lizards and the odd horned toad have made it into the morass that during the summer months is an aqua blue gem of refreshing, inviting, invigorating liquid pile of therapy. Some people call it a swimming pool.  I prefer to refer to it as my own little duck pond.