Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Moon 30x24 Northwest (Mt.) 18x12

5 weeks out since major trauma visited one of my lower appendages. I put on my game face as I crutched (I wish I could say sauntered) my way into the doc's office. I told the surgeon I had seen the IM Nailing procedure on You Tube and it was not a pretty sight. "Yeah", he said, "We really get on it. It's pretty medieval and's pretty fun. Yeah, it's a pretty fun surgery we get to do with this stuff". Wow, he said all that with a twisted grin and a few suppressed chuckles. Seems one doctor really found his calling in life!
The other attending physician went on to tell me all the details they hadn't divulged prior to the "your making excellent progress" comment. Come to find that a lot of nerve damage was feared and the prospect of having to wear a foot brace for life wasn't too far off. Well, I'm just glad to have both feet below me. I'm pretty much weened off the pain meds. and have even been to the duck blind a couple of times...keeping the catch-n-release hunt club going. So, you see, I'm just about as fit as a fiddle and soon will be jumping and leaping and praising God which is my normal daily activity as well as ...painting pretty pictures. The two pictured here are from Montana. They are for sale on auction on eBay. Just type in HAWKINS in the search category "ART".