Saturday, March 26, 2011

Arrival 24x30, Field Day 24x30

Titulos apropiados. Acabamos de llegar de un viaje a Sonora y Sinaloa, Mexico, donde se consumieron montones de mariscos y rica carne asada. Estuvo bonito el clima, estuvo buena la pesca, y estuvo feliz toda la familia con la visita. Ahora volvemos al trabajo, contentamente produciendo cuadros para el confort del publico. Estos se pueden comprar aqui...
M. Hawkins

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trebal threat

New pics of new work. These are up for sale on eBay. I still start some at a low price without a reserve. Pretty gutsy I know but I gotta get these pictures hanging on walls before it's too late. So, feel free to bid. Who knows but that these won't be worth more than the paper (canvas) they're written on someday.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Three could that be?

Today a friendly visit to our local neighborhood illegal drug smuggling detention center. We talked through the glass for an hour and a half on the barely audible static phone. Concertina wire and electrified fencing obscured every view we had as we peered through dirty glass decorated with bars and steel mesh. Colors of white and grey greeted us as friends and loved-ones, dressed in kool-aid orange jumpsuits looked on with the hope that one of the visitors would be recognised. Not the kind of place I'd like to spend much time. I dedicate the trees here to the awesome view you get from inside Florence prison.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Falls 24x12 Trifecta II 24x24 Natural Sophistication 18x24

There, now that I have that out of my system (previous blog...erased) I can return to my old happy-go-lucky self. You see, being an Artistical Expeditionary isn't always as easy as it seems and the most unlikely, inconsequential things can weigh you down if you're not careful. Well, these birds of a feather (paintings pictured) have definitely flocked together. Did you ever wonder about that expression? We were at the zoo the other day and with my highly tuned artistical waterfowler's eye I spied a few ponds with piles of seasonal ducks peacefully paddling around with nary a care in the world. If I were into puns I'd call them snowbirds, but I'm not. Anyway, they all pile up when there is someone handing out bread crumbs. As soon as the goodies are gone they each separate into groups of their own species. Red Heads, Bald Pates, Ring Necks, and Mallards all were present. A few straggling gaggles of geese made their raucous presence known as they all fought for scraps in a big ol' bunch of squabbling that very much resembled our dinner table. I am fond of saying, by way of reminder, that unlike ducks, there is only one human race. The question of "race" is not valid as regards human beans. We are all the same specie, us people are, and we are as interchangeable as Lego parts. Don't be fooled by Knex, Duplos or the odd pack of snow geese that try to mix with the other web-footers as they vie for attention.