Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eli the smoking penguin

Don't know which is worse, a smoking penguin or a drunken cow. Here we have two milk cows which appear to be about three sheets to the wind. A third bovine observes from a safe distance, a friend of the penguin no doubt. The marshy view hides several dozen ducks. Can you spot them all? This is my attempt at a Bev Dolittle painting. These are available for sale on auction. The link at the top right of the blog page leads you there. The penguin is available for $22.38 It is colored pencil and pen and ink on paper.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stealing Time 24x24, Little Voice 36x24, The Cut 18x12

We were stuck in traffic today. I promised my wife I wasn't going to drive through the police barricade at Oracle and Magee Roads, that I wouldn't fume at the incredibly slow drivers trying to gawk at the pile of emergency vehicles down the road. I finally blasted my way into the back alley of a series of strip malls trying to outrun the congestion only to come face to face with another traffic cop. I rolled down the window to ask what the matter was. He told me there had been a tragic shooting, to turn on the radio. No need to say more. Our thoughts and prayers are with our congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and these families and neighbors so close to us here in northwest Tucson. What a crazy world we live in.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I spent Friday slogging through swamps. The sky was overcast, the air was cool and damp and I was one with nature. There was a new year's eve party scheduled for the night's festivities. It included a bon-fire, lots appetizers, a big pot of chili and fireworks. The crowd began to arrive a little after nine. Too bad, I was already in bed dreaming about ducks on the wing. This a.m. I was the only bright-eyed creature to greet the day and new year at the crack of dawn. I will have painted on two previously started canvases before anyone of the house full of slackers even opens an eye. So begins the year for one addicted to paint fumes ...and quack! These paintings are all available on auction. See the link on the blog page to "Link to Art for Sale" if you're interested in bidding. Regardless, enjoy them with the hope that this coming year brings ye lots of joy and cheer and beautiful vistas on the horizon of your tomorrows. Feliz An(y)o