Friday, July 30, 2010

What Are You Looking At? 24x30 oil on canvas

What you're really wondering is who won the tennis match on the grass court last night in stormy Tucson. Right? I will say this, the Palo Verde beetle pictured on the victor's forehead was a fitting crown. And Scott's humbling loss quickly and happily faded into the pantheon of bitter sports-defeat memories aided by the fury friendship of one of several large, golden tarantulas that were amongst the myriad witnesses. The heavens flashed their approval and rain threatened as bugs of all sizes and sorts seemed to cheer us on, each punishing serve and thunderous ground stroke, miraculously synchronized with the lighting cracks, proved, once again, that one of us was outmatched. Friendship of venomous creatures notwithstanding, my opponent ceded the match to me 6-1, 6-2, 6-1 It was a good old-fashioned shellacking, as we call it in The Old Pueblo and not a thing was hurt in the making...except for one man's pride. (I shouldn't have lost those four games!)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Robin's Egg 24x36

My point? If this road sign is necessary than, it's not really necessary. Meaning, you got no business tooling around in your sedan while attempting an ascent on Mt. Everest. Actually, this is the road to my old house in the mountains in Mexico. It used to be dirt and I used to make the climb on my motorcycle and assorted VW's. Over the years it caused several flat tires a number of dumped bikes (with and without passengers) and a couple of mild situations that called for extra hands to push or pull as the circumstance warranted. It was steep but navigable. Now it's paved and I think someone got a little over-zealous with the signage. I forgot to take a shot of the cow crossing sign just down the highway. I think the same sign maker used the same amount of licence on it. The picture depicts a cow with three times the normal body length and short stubby legs...pretty cool sign. Maybe I'll steal it next time I'm down there and smuggle it back across the border.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aaron's Rod 24x36

A greenish glow inspired by the monster skies of the southwest's 2010 monsoon season. More of this to come so hang on. This can be viewed/purchased by following link at the top right of this page.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Max The (Cabbage patch) Wonder Dog 1995

Here's one anecdotal perspective on the dicey dilemma that we're facing in the southwest. My niece, a lovely girl of 28, is about to have her second baby. She lives in Phoenix with her 2 year old daughter and husband Fabian. They work hard and enjoy the fruit of their labor- a little apartment and a bright and shiny SUV. They are a happy little budding family in the American southwest. There are a couple of things wrong with this picture though. They live here illegally and to that you might say "so what?, they aren't hurting anyone." etc. And of course you're right. They are hard-working stay-out-of-trouble folks. The problem is that there are "agencies" that usher them into the welfare system as soon as they arrive here. These are government-grant funded agencies specifically designed to help (give free stuff to) people in need...regardless of background etc. That is a good thing of course, where it's needed but these agencies specifically target illegal immigrants. The Latino community here is a veritable network of where and how to get free stuff from Uncle Sam. The birth will be paid for by the rest of us. One political party in particular will seek credit for the help and subsequent votes from the "poor minorities" who will feel either beholden to or dependant on the government for this "help". Still, I (you) might not have a problem with that but here's the other side of the coin.

My friend manages an art store in town. He's a guy my age and loves art, is a fine watercolor painter. A family member of his was sick, in between jobs and had no insurance. A short three day hospital stay and the small fee of $25,000 was layed to his charge. He and his wife are hard-working people too. I'm almost positive they aren't yanking down six-figure incomes and now they will have to pay for this out of their hourly wage earnings. My point isn't that we need universal health care. No, there is no money for that...and I suppose (maybe wrongly?)it would be an endless money pit of gov't.-fouled bureaucracy if it were implemented.(Just try to get something accomplished at your local Social Security Administration's will make your worst experience at the DMV seem like a walk in the park with bluebirds singing in your ear) It's just that this border-state dilemma is a dicey one. The above scenarios are played out here everyday by countless thousands of hapless victims of circumstance, and has been for many years. I say, make art available to the masses and get yourself a good dog like Max, pictured above. The first candidate that runs on that platform will get my vote.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

36x24 Superstition

Back alive from ol' mejico. We were not involved in the running gun battles I had feared nor were we detained at the border for reasons that we cannot prudently discuss here. Those are the precise reasons which would have precipitated the imagined gun battles I had anticipated...and prepared for. No, our journey was graced from on high with peace and purpose and a few healthy doses of salt water and seafood soup. I have a nephew who played professional soccer on one of Mexico's big teams. He had knee surgery last year and has been out of contention since then. We took a "short" therapeutic 10 k run to prove to each other that 1, he didn't have to grab his leg and whine about it every other step like the rest of professional soccer players do and 2, that I, in spite of the giant dirt clods I kept coughing up, could stand in there and slug it out with the best of 'em. After we had proved our manhood well enough we walked arm in arm like school chums do in the foreign films you watch with an askanced eye and a quizzical look. The skies are acting quite alborotados these days and there is inspiration floating behind every cloud. Stay tuned for more from the studio...should be posting another two or three this coming week.